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CHC Hub - Professional Engagement, Training and Education

The need to increase informatics knowledge and skills in the health and social care setting is well documented. In response, the programme worked to gain an understanding of the current challenges involved in implementing a learning health system, and to provide an appropriate training framework and solution to overcome these challenges. A three-stage qualitative study was undertaken to identify learning and training needs that could be translated to others working in a learning health system. This work was carried out in three stages:

  1. Review of current practice to understand how best to provide sustainable digital solutions;

  2. Identification of key training needs through conducting 25 interviews across eight case-studies; and

  3. Design of a 10-step short workshop programme.

Specific areas were highlighted as being the most important for implementing a successful learning health system project:

  • Health economics and how to evidence impact and return on investment;

  • Development of robust, relevant and up-to-date data sets;

  • Knowing how to navigate information governance;

  • Understanding how to engage with the public, when to do it and how to ensure continued transparency;

  • Data analysis and gaining both valuable and actionable insights from the data;

  • Evaluation of work and how to set baselines;

  • Achieving sustainability and adoption in a scalable way.

A 10-day learning programme for building digital capabilities was proposed as part of the qualitative study building on the themes identified.  Topic areas for a 10-day learning programme to build digital capabilities:

  1. What does it take to get the data for care pathway improvement?

  2. The highs and lows of Information Governance in gaining access to health data

  3. The human element in building networks and maintaining involvement

  4. A clinician’s guide to establishing a robust data set

  5. A health professional’s guide to using data sets

  6. From data to improvement: Deriving insights from your data

  7. Evaluation Masterclass

  8. Evaluation SOS

  9. Communication for effective diffusion and dissemination of digital innovations

  10. How to evidence economic and societal impact in healthcare systems

In Spring 2018, CHC initiated the development of this learning programme with design, development and delivery of the curriculum for Evaluation SOS, Evaluation masterclass, Information Governance, and Health Economics. This curriculum has been implemented in parts of the North of England and has also formed the basis of postgraduate level training schemes developed to facilitate the implementation of learning health systems across England and internationally.


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