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CY CHC - Industry Partnerships

Working with data service providers and GP practices, CY CHC were able to open up new data for use in health service improvement and research including historical datasets. 

The CY CHC team worked closely with industry partners and GP Practices to understand the main barriers to implementation of learning health systems. With a focus on information governance, the team was supported by a number of stakeholders including the CHC Hub Information Governance team and the ICO to put into place new data sharing agreements. The team worked closely with The Phoenix Partnership (TPP) and Apollo Medical Software Solutions as data providers for GP Practices. The comprehensive work across a number of stakeholders resulted in approval being given by the relevant ethics committees including for the linking of healthcare data with education data.

The extensive work carried out by the CY CHC team resulted in rapid access to GP Practice data for specific projects such as for people aged over 65 years old for the frailty project, and for families as part of the childhood ASD project. There are now two major datasets available in the region including the BiB and the GP Practice-led health and wellbeing datasets. Access has now been gained for historical datasets for up to 30 years for use as part of research, improvement and innovation projects.

Case Study with The Phoenix Partnership (TPP )

BiB have been collaborating with The Phoenix Partnership (TPP) for the development of an app called ‘Airmid’ which is designed to allow patients to take control of their own healthcare. The app includes functions like being able to view and contribute data to their SystmOne medical record (such as allergies and medications); book and manage appointments; import data from health apps; monitor pollution locally; and sign up to research projects, including the Digital BiB research study. This creates a platform for BiB to disseminate surveys to collect measures like monthly mental wellbeing and daily mood scale that can be done at anytime and anywhere.

Case Study with Apollo Medical Software Solutions

The CY CHC team engaged with Apollo Medical Software Solutions to support the secure automated harnessing and collation of GP practice data, including historical data with scheduled regular data updates. Apollo has successfully implemented the service in all GP Practices across the Bradford and Craven district and provided the Connected Bradford team with primary care datasets that can be linked to secondary care data. Building on this experience, a pseudonymised linked dataset is held on a digital platform developed by Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust that links primary care data, community care, secondary care, social care data presented from a population of approximately 600,000 patients across the Bradford & Airedale region.


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