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CY CHC - Safe and Trustworthy Use of Data

CY CHC delivered a range of specialist technical outputs for the programme across trustworthy data environments and information governance.

  • The Bradford Institute for Health Research, at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, hosts the world renowned Born in Bradford (BiB) longitudinal cohort studies.

  • To improve the ability of the data to support frontline healthcare professionals, providers and commissioners, this dataset has been extended as Connected Bradford, with ethical approval.

  • Connected Bradford worked with CHC Hub Information Governance expertise to develop data sharing agreements and upskill local knowledge to provide improved posters, leaflets and public fair processing notices.

  • Connected Yorkshire has developed Trustworthy Research Environments for the storage of the BiB and CureD datasets, so that there are appropriate governance controls and processes for researchers to be able to securely use the data.

  • Bradford has developed a digital solution, with the CHC Hub, for digital consent management.

Information Governance

Trustworthy Research Environment


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