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NENC CHC - Industry Partnerships

One of the undoubted successes of NENC CHC has been the extent to which it has helped us to forge and take forward strong links between the project team, affiliated researchers and key commercial partners. 

The NENC CHC team have worked with a number of industry partners, and here are some examples:

  • GE-Healthcare-Finnamore supported the publication of a strategic report setting out key principles for the development of GNCR and guiding the translation into healthcare settings. This involved a series of discussion sessions involving members of the NENC CHC team, key players from other CHC regional teams, and other third parties.

  • Close links were developed with AIMES Technology (Liverpool) and Arjuna Technologies (Newcastle). Starting with the collaborative working on the TREs, these relationships have matured into active on-going collaborations including joint funding bids development and future product development projects.

  • Black Pear and Inhealthcare provided expertise to design and build several key elements of the infrastructure and systems for the care pathway projects and continue to work with the GNCR team in future developments.

There is now a replicable approach in place for collaboration with industry partners and making this pivotal to future strategy for developing health care informatics in the North East. The LHCRE bid was closely linked to the strong capabilities for developing successful industry partnerships with endorsement of the health and care organisations in the North of England.


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