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NENC CHC - Professional Engagement, Training and Education

The NENC CHC team developed and expanded networks to enable regional data sharing and engage a wider audience in data driven improvement and innovation. 

Existing organisations were included in workforce development where possible (e.g. Chief Information Officer community), while new ones were created where gaps existed (e.g. Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) network). The team were active online including accessible platforms such as Twitter to reach relevant and interested audiences. The result today is a 850+ strong (and growing) online and face-to-face Practitioner network linking health and care professionals across the region with an interest in data sharing. Some examples of network activities include:

  • 12 Amy’s Page workshops, in which fictional clinical scenarios are used to bring professionals together to consider practitioners’ attitudes and insights on information sharing. The results have been successfully presented to multiple audiences of over 250 people.

  • 25 Informatics in the Pub events, a community of practice where practitioners meet monthly to forge connections, share knowledge and build capacity for digital leadership. Since NENC CHC support ended in May 2019, the group has been adopted and continued by a local medical consultant.

  • Extensive use of discussions and webinars as online platforms to enable conversations, networking and collaborative work. Over 700 practitioners joined Discourse to July 2019, generating 366 topics, 1,700 messages and 7,100 user visits.

  • The @GreatNorthCare Twitter channel with almost 2,600 followers and an average of 40,000 impressions per month as of February 2020.


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