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NENC CHC - Safe and Trustworthy Use of Data

NENC CHC delivered a range of specialist technical outputs for the programme across trustworthy data environments and information governance.

  • A cornerstone to successful, sustained data sharing across the region was the successful mobilisation, delivery and monitoring of citizen engagement.

  • A regional information governance group was established to act as a cross-agency forum, called the SIGN group. This allowed a standardised approach for processes and documentation across health and social care.

  • A consent and preferences app was trialled within Durham to collect public feedback on preferences. This was developed in partnership with Healthy New Towns and industry collaborators.

  • The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) and the Information Sharing Gateway (ISG) were keystones for enabling sharing of data for the Great North Care Record. This enabled access to GP records for out of hours and emergency care, not just within the scope of research. This foundation enabled accelerated rollout of data sharing agreements across the region and the creation of a trusted research environment with AIMES as partners.

  • Ongoing development of the open source DataSHIELD project, including integration with the AIMES research environment.

  • The SILVER project worked with vulnerable families to co-design a secure data corridor across services. By bringing together data from health, criminal justice and social care, the SILVER project will help key workers better support those families that are at risk due to significant poverty, parental chronic illness or disability, unemployment or mental health problems by working with those families to share data about them.

Information Governance

Trustworthy Research Environment


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